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Serious ‘Skin’-dulgences

You’ve skipped your triple grande vanilla skinny latte at Starbucks every day for six months. You’ve given up taking cabs (unless you’re wearing heels, of course). You’ve learned how to cook to make up for all of those luxurious five-course … Continue reading

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Q & A With Miss Bliss

Q: Dear Miss Bliss, If you are on birth controls pills does it makes your skin extra sensitive to the sun? or waxing in general? like if you get bikini waxing done b4 you are on the pill. Then can … Continue reading

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Cure Mad Brow Disease!

Symptoms of Mad Brow Disease: brows that are bushy, unkempt, and sometimes they are not eyebrows-they are an eyebrow! Imagine your eyes are a beautiful picture and your eyebrows are the picture frame. You’d want to put that picture in … Continue reading

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Steal vs Splurge

Everyone deserves to have fabulous skin every day, but sometimes the wallet strings are tighter than others. Here’s a few products to get you through the rough patches: My favorite multitaskers $35 and under: Naked Body Butter hydrates the skin … Continue reading

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How to keep stubble from causing trouble!

You thought the worst part of waxing was getting your hair yanked out? Think again, sister! Ingrown hairs are one of the most common conditions that make hair removal a truly hair raising experience! What causes ingrown hairs? Ingrown hair … Continue reading

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How to Wax Poetic at Home

I have a co-worker whose first hair removal experience was at the age of 9 when her particularly precocious best friend pressed duct tape on her pre-pubescent leg hair, then ripped it off! This primitive practice DID remove hair, and … Continue reading

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History of Hair Removal

I wanted to kick off hair removal week with something slightly educational, so to enrich your mind I’ve done some research and learned about the history of hair removal! While we’re busy saying ‘farewell’ to Bush, cave men (and cave … Continue reading

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